The Forestry Farm House Project 1999 - 2000

General Project Description:

The Friends of the Forestry Farm House (FFFH), in keeping with their mandate, have restored the Residence for use as an interpretive centre, where the history of the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station will be told and the value of trees in our environment can be celebrated. With the renovation complete, FFFH introduced heritage programming at the centre. The ground floor will be open to the public and fully wheelchair accessible.

How Saskatoon and the surrounding area will benefit:

The restoration of the Superintendent's Residence, as an interpretive centre will provide a lasting benefit to the citizens of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. An important historic site will have been returned to them and they will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

How success will be measured:

The ultimate objective in restoring the Superintendent's Residence as an interpretive centre is to increase public awareness of the history of the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station. The successful project will leave the restored house as a lasting legacy. It will be accessible to the public and will include an interpretive centre devoted to the history of the site and to the value of trees in our environment.

The 2003 Parks Canada Commemorative Integrity Statement (CIS) outlines objectives for the site and serves as a guideline for future development. The CIS identifies the Superintendent's Residence and values it for a multitude of reasons such as serving the focal point for the Nursery Station and for giving the Dominion Government a stately presence in the area. It is also valued for the exterior retention of historic material. It notes that the exterior is remarkably unchanged and the refurbishment of existing items helped retain the character of the building. The CIS also notes that its construction, in both scale and materials, is not typical of a prairie farm house.

Contributors to date:

Many of the following groups believed in this project while its reality was still in question.

  • Meewasin Valley Authority
  • Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation (grant)
  • Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Society
  • Saskatoon Foundation
  • Sutherland Forest Grove Community Association
  • Weyerhaeuser Corporation
  • Kindrachuk Agrey Architects Ltd.
  • City of Saskatoon (grant)